Gardening is not Difficult

Okay. So, perhaps that title is a bit of a lie. Gardening is very hard work... in the beginning. The truth is that it does not have to be difficult. Initially, gardening presents many a challenge for most people after having been divorced from the chore for so long. Our ancestors1, in all their collected wisdom, left us a system that was not perfect, yet is - and always has been - the central tenet that separates civilized societies from others. The emergence of cities, states, and countries is directly related to the rise of agriculture along with those societies.

Indeed, without agriculture, or gardening, or farming the vast greatness of societies and states such as Kemet, Ethiopia, Nubia, the Empire of Mali, The Moorish Empire of Andalusia2, the empires of Greece and Rome, Mesopotamia, the Aztec, the Maya, Inca and all of the First Nationer's3 tribes and governments would not have been able to grow their populations nor grow to any size worthy of recognition. Their were once great mounds that blanketed the land at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. This is where St. Louis gets the nickname "Mound City4". The awesome architecture of Kemet and knowledge held there would never have formed without agriculture to sustain a society that would demand so much human power.

Food is the source from which life on earth gains all its inspiration, for inspiration takes energy, and food provides us that. .


goals of the gild

Aldin-Gild's main aim is to take back soveriegnty. But what is Soveriegnty? Who pretends to know what it is at all? What is true is that we are not "free". It is the author's sentiment that we americans live under a corporate dictatorship where we are forced everyday to do needless and mindless tasks which play a small role in any true change in the world. Now the author is a bit of a cynic, but would you blame him? Born in '89, the country on the brink of its first invasion of Iraq, he has seen no shortage of warfare in his life. And today, the same government that has seen us through these wars has only seen us becoml

I speak of all human ancestors to the so-called afrikan eve which every human alive today has genetic links to when tracing through matrilineality.

While the dark ages were setting in over Europe, The Moors, along with their islamic science, math, and logic, were able to build a flourishing state replete with upgrades to the previous roman architecture and irrigation.

The name the author uses whe speaking of the descendents of the indigineous folk who inhabited the America's before the European settler invasion began in AD 1492.

Sadly, only one mound remains today - under a higheway pass no less - due to the ignorance of many of our forefathers who had other plans for the soil used to make the mounds.

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