The Gild is a group of folk, bound together by ties of rites and sisterhood, brotherhood and friendship, offering mutual support to members upon successful entry.

We enjoin with no expectation of blood ties nor social status, yet for a new social organization. Together, we will provide a social security for the erected tribe and surrounding community.

We are informal: there are no legal requirements to our formation. Aldin-Gild is created and sustained solely by the will and intention of the gildmates. We shall govern ourselves.

We may not all work for ourselves yet, so we enjoin that we may empower each other to do so, fostering trust and varied skill-sets.

We shall seek, with cunning, all legal means of rebuilding our communities, including: • establishing new businesses • establishing new trade networks within neighborhoods to foster local commerce within • rebuilding and repairing homes of members and community members • rebuilding and repairing of community members homes • establishing community gardens, tended to by gild mates and community members • establishing a tool trading network between the members for low community tool rental cost for home improvement

We intend to build and establish a network of trading and barter of time as well, where 1 hour of work performed for someone will be equal to one hour of work owed. This system, a TimeBank, will work as a kind of currency. Say a member, over the course of work on various projects with other members, has built herself up 30 hours of banked time. This can be called in at the bank, where projects for that individual’s homestead can be discussed. Plans can be drawn up and her project would be posted at the time bank, where community members with know-how could volunteer their time to her project, in turn building their own time. The work does not have to be home improvement projects; how you want to spend your earned time is your prerogative. No one should feel pressured to take on a project either, especially when some projects will call for more physical labor and expertise. It is the idea that within the Gild we are attempting to foster ties of trust, friendship, man and woman building – if we can teach people skills, without having to send them outside the community to learn it, the community can build wealth and rebuild simultaneously. The Gild also intends to establish the time banking service for children who are old enough to accept appropriate tasks.